“TsvetChrom” Hydrogen Generators &
“DW-1” lab deionized water system

“TsvetChrom” Hydrogen Generators

  • Use Distilled Water
  • 99,999%  Hydrogen Purity 
  • More 100 Hours of Continuous Operation on 1 reservoir of water
  • Produces 120-900mL/minute at 35psi
  • Ecological clean technology



The TsvetChrom hydrogen generators give you the ability to produce hydrogen gas economically and consistently, right in the laboratory. Its small size makes it lightweight and portable. Its power supply allows operation on various voltages throughout the world.

The model TsvetChrom-8 produces 120 millilitres per minute of hydrogen gas at 35psi using readily available distilled water. The electronic system provides the high stability of output pressure, at a rate of instability less 0,1%. No storage of hydrogen – makes only as much as you need. The TsvetChrom-8 can supply enough hydrogen gas for two FID detectors, in addition to providing the GC carrier gas.

Using hydrogen as carrier gas increases analysis speed, making overall analysis time shorter, translating into time and money savings. More analytical runs can be made, and hydrogen carrier results in better column efficiency. Because of the long-term expense and safety hazards associated with the use of compressed gas cylinders, many analysts are turning to hydrogen generators to supply their gas. For an initial investment, the generator will pay for itself and save considerable expense over time, compared to the ongoing costs and safety hazards of cylinder rental, storage, and transportation.

TsvetChrom – 8

120 ml/minute

 Hydrogen Generator

1,950.00 Euro

TsvetChrom – 16

250 ml/minute

 Hydrogen Generator

2,690.00 Euro

TsvetChrom – 30

450 ml/minute

 Hydrogen Generator

4,560.00 Euro

TsvetChrom – 60

950 ml/minute

 Hydrogen Generator

5,550.00 Euro

“DW-1” lab deionized water system




-         Resistivity: 1,0Mom-cm, min.

-         Maximum flow rate: 5LPH

-         Dimensions: 430x175x350mm.

-    Power: 220VAC, 50Hz



“DW-1” provides pure deionized water for most analytical applications. The compact design allows ultrapure water to be placed within easy access of your use.

The DW-1 require pretreated water by distillation.A purity monitor provides digital conductivity readings, temperature compensated to 25°.  Ideal for laboratories requiring < 15 litres per day of high quality distilled deionized water. Flow rates 4 litres per hour. Whisper quiet pump provides optimal flow rates and silent operation. Three cartridges  in series with ion exchange resins provides a conductivity less then 1,0 mkS/cm.



 lab deionized water system

1,550.00 Euro

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